City Stats: The Valley

by mshrm

I’ve been fiddling around with GURPS City Stats and GURPS Mass Combat a bit, trying to get some solid stats around the valley where the action has been taking place, and the forces available to the Mayor. If nothing else, I figure I can get an idea of how many people are guarding that big bridge to the north.

The Valley

Population: 1800 (Search -1)

Physical and Magical Environment

Terrain: Hills

Appearance: Average

Hygiene: -2

No Mana

Culture and Economy

Language: English

Literacy: Broken

TL: 4*

Wealth: Struggling

Status: -1

Political Environment

Government: Oligarchy

CR: 4 (Corruption -2)

Military Resources: $36K

Defense Bonus: +4


The valley consists of about 45 square miles of villages and farmland, surrounded by fairly rugged hills. The overall population population density is 40 people/square mile, mostly concentrated in two villages, Mt Hope and Newtown.

As usual for an After The End campaign, the valley is nominally TL 4. Its hygiene rating includes -1 for that Tech Level, and a further -1 due to the general pollution and nastiness of the post-apocalyptic setting.

The average citizen of the valley is a Status -1 peasant with Broken literacy. While After The End doesn’t use the standard GURPS wealth system, for this purpose, we can say that the average citizen is Struggling.

The Mayor and her cronies keep a close grip on the valley (CR 4), but are ready to make exceptions for those who they favor (Corruption -2).

Military Force

Prices include the After The End price adjustment for Tech Level if applicable.

The valley has a standing army of about 50-60 soldiers, plus 5-10 motorcycles. Total TS is 18.75

Ankle-Biters (TL 0 Stone-Age Warriors)

A gang of about a dozen feral children and smaller mutant animals, flinging rocks and wielding a variety of sharpened metal implements.

TS: 0.25; WT: 1; Classes: Rec; Mobility: Foot; Quality: Poor equipment, Inferior troops; Features: Impetuous. $6.25K to raise, $1.25K to maintain

1 unit providing a total of 0.25 TS

Bikers (TL6 Motor Recon)

Each unit represents one or two dirt bikes or motorcycles with riders and possible passengers, armed with melee weapons and perhaps handguns. The bikes are fueled with ethanol.

TS: 2.5; WT: 1; Classes: Cv, F, Rec; Mob: Motor; Quality: Poor equipment, Inferior troops; Features: Impetuous. $25K to raise, $2.5K to maintain

5 units providing 12.5 TS

Crossbowmen (TL1 Bowmen)

A squad of about ten men, armed with good-quality crossbows built from the high-tech alloys of the Ancients. They also carry short swords and bucklers, and will fight in melee if necessary.

TS: 1; TW: 1; Classes: F; Mob: Foot; Quality: Average equipment, Inferior troops. $10K to raise, $2K to maintain

2 units provide 2 TS

Militia (TL5 Skirmishers)

A squad armed with various melee weapons and muskets, who fight in a loose skirmish formation.

TS: 2; WT: 1; Classes: F, Rec; Mob: Foot; Quality: Poor equipment, Inferior troops. $15K to raise, $3K to maintain.

2 units provide 4 TS