Thrown Debris and the Wastelander Vine

by mshrm

One of the protagonists in our ongoing After The End game is Vine, a sentient plant scavenger who carries no weapons, preferring to live off the land. When combat occurs, they cast around for random debris to throw. So far, I’ve been more-or-less faking it, calling for a Scrounging roll and going with my gut. It’s time to put down some official numbers.

Vine has ST 11, providing a 24 pound Base Lift and 1d-1 thrust damage. (To everyone’s surprise, this makes Vine the second strongest member of the party, after Rufus. Far after Rufus.)

According to the rules on B353, Vine can pick up and ready a handy object weighing up to 24 pounds in one second. That puts a cap on the largest missile Vine is likely to find acceptable.

Working through the rules on B355, we find that there are four categories that any improvised throwing weapon used by Vine is going to fall into:

  • Up to 3 pounds, does 1d-3, at ranges of 22+ yards
  • 3-6 pounds, does 1d-2, at 13-22 yards
  • 6-12 pounds, 1d-1, at 8.8-13 yards
  • 12-24 pounds, 1d, at 6.6-8.8 yards

So, let’s say…

To find debris for use as improvised throwing weapons, roll Scrounging. The roll is modified for the environment; the middle of a sandy desert would be -10 (if a roll is even allowed), while the ruins of an Ancients’ machine shop might even offer a bonus. In the kinds of ruins where Vine tends to get into fights, an unmodified roll will find a likely missile within arm’s reach.

An unmodified roll gets a blunt weapon that does crushing damage. Accepting a -2 to the roll will get cutting or impaling instead, seeker’s choice.

Making the roll exactly or by 1 gets a 1 pound-ish weapon, doing 1d-3 with a range of 35 yards. Vine has previously discovered broken ends of bricks, smooth rocks, and rusty lug nuts in this range.

Making the roll by 2-3 gets a 5 pound-ish weapon, 1d-2 at up to 15 yards. Vine has found entire bricks before. Other examples might include a toaster, small skillet, or good-sized wall clock.

Success by 4 gets a 10 pound weapon, 1d-1 at 10 yards, while success by 5 gets something 15-20 pounds, 1d at up to 7 yards. At this point, we talking about bowling balls, smaller cinder blocks, and pressure cookers.