Additional Notes on GURPS After The End #10: “Junk Storms”

by mshrm

The first in-game day of session #10, the weather was cloudy enough that Vine had to eat food, rather than just soaking up whatever passes for sunshine in the wastelands. I remarked that the clouds were showing lots of dark lines moving through them. This prompted questions and Naturalist rolls.

The dark lines are a warning of a possible “junk storm”, in the same way that dark clouds might warn of an approaching thunderstorm today. During a junk storm, things fall from the sky: rocks, cars, small buildings…

Obviously, these are dangerous events. The standard response among wastelanders is to run for cover. However, the storms are not without a silver lining: Vine mentioned sometimes finding useful treasures on the roofs of buildings after such a storm.

But how could such a thing be? Having been out west during his nomadic wanderings, Francisco was able to answer that. Far to the west, he had seen persistent tornadoes wandering the landscape, sucking up mountains, cities, forests… whatever crossed their paths. These tornadoes would fling material high into the sky. Obviously, what comes up must come down somewhere

(Stolen directly from Roger Zelazney’s Damnation Alley‘s “garbage storms”. All I can say is, the 1977 movie affected me as a kid. And Zelazney was a genius; that’s a hill I’m ready to die on.)