Pie to the face?

by mshrm

Players were asking about different improvised weapons, and the question came up: what about a pie to the face?

I don’t know if there’s an official answer, though I doubt it. I’m sure I would have heard if GURPS Clown College were a real thing. So here’s my take on it.

First, the would-be pie attacker needs to Ready the pie. This can get tricky. Nobody makes pie holsters. Concealing a cream pie seem difficult; Holdout modifiers would start based on the size of the pie, with modifiers based on the chosen scheme – likely penalties. It’s unlikely that many characters would have points in Fast-Draw (Pie). So, there are challenges there.

Once Readied, the attacker would need to approach to Close Combat range. When wielded in the traditional pie-to-the-face way, there’s clearly no extra reach on a cream pie.

Finally, the attack would need to make an attack roll. I’m inclined to go with Brawling or DX, just like a punch, taking the -5 for Face.

Once all that comes together, I would have the victim make a Will roll or suffer Mental Stun. The roll might be modified according to the victim’s traits. If they had some sort of fear of public humiliation, say, that would be a penalty.