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One thing I never managed in the Space Cowboys game…

It has come to my attention that today is the 28th anniversary of the release of the movie Big Trouble In Little China. I felt that I should mark the occasion, what with how badly I’ve plundered that movie for games over the years — not least in the Space Cowboys game.

There’s one thing that I always hoped to arrange, but I don’t think I ever managed, during that game:

For a long time, a guy named Lo Pan was the nemesis-slash-employer-from-hell of the PCs. They had several face-to-face meetings with him over the course of their relationship. I always dreamed that someday, one of them would express the right kind of confusion over his instructions, so that he could immediately snap:  “You were not put upon this earth to ‘get it’, Mister Solo!”

* * *

A friend of mine once told me about his best GM-ing moment. He was running D&D, and the campaign’s Big Bad had kidnapped the party’s paladin. Big Bad is leading his minions, who are dragging the bound, but not gagged, paladin through the sewers of the city. They’re moving fast, because they know the rest of the party will be hot on their heels. Melodramatic conversation ensues.

Paladin:  “Your overconfidence is your weakness.”

Big Bad (quick as a whip):  “Your faith in your friends is yours!”




Good day for gaming loot:  Not only did my Disposable Heroes order arrive, but there’s also a new issue of Pyramid, just as my subscription kicks in!  I foresee much work with scissors later tonight…

Pregame, 3 May 2014

Going through the pregame prep for today’s session. Starting earlier than usual, in hopes of getting in more gaming hours before the weaker members of the herd start to drop from fatigue. 😉

Word is, we’re going to be down one Needles. Player has family responsibilities. Luckily, it’s no stretch at all for Needles to disappear into the shadows. He does that all the time.

Today, the Delving Band With No Name is going to have it out with the orcs at the Great Bridge. I’m pleased to say, they’ve already been working on a contingency plan, in case they need to retreat.

Fanboy squee!

At the risk of losing some of my dubious dignity: Total fanboy squee moment, here.

Dungeon Fantastic: Why Templates In DF?




Correction to the synopsis for the last session:  Mississippi Jed did not attempt to part the ogre’s hair with his baton. He contemplated it, but then remembered the ogre’s pot helm, and chose a different target, instead.

In fact, Jed chose to target the groin, hoping for a disabling but non-fatal injury.


Decided this morning…

I’m re-stocking the explored areas of the dungeons exclusively with unicorns and unicorn-related creatures. Maybe a friendly leprechaun, handing out free beer, too.





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