What’s up with the blog name?

I started doing this, mainly, as a way to chronicle the reports of play for our GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game. In the very first session of that campaign, the heavily-armored, would-be “tank” of the group, The Knight of the Blood Oath, got bit by a troll. Random hit location roll said, he had been bitten in the foot.

The Knight — TKotBO for short — was wearing heavy armor over his head and torso. Heavy enough that he was the most-encumbered, slowest-moving member of the party. Still, he had attempted to keep the overall weight of armor down… by skipping any protection on his hands or feet.

He should have lost his foot, then and there, and set the campaign’s tone right. Instead, we set the tone a whole ‘nother way:  a misinterpretation of a footnote, in the heat of the moment, led us to applying DR from his shield. The mistake was discovered only days after the game, but he still managed to escape with both feet. Before the second session, TKotBO (and others, as I recall) improved his footwear… prompted by the name at the top of the first play report.