Dire Chicken

by mshrm

I could have sworn I did this once before, but now I can’t seem to find my notes. So, here, possibly again, by request:  The Dire Chicken.

Dire Chicken

Dire Animal

ST: 18

HP: 18

Speed: 5

DX: 10

Will: 8

Move: 5

IQ: 3

Per: 9

HT: 10

FP: 10

SM: +1

Dodge: 8

Parry: 8

DR: 0

  • Peck (11): 2d-2 pi+ at Reach C, 1.

  • Scratch (11): 1d+1 cut at Reach C, 1.


Bestial; Cannot Speak; Enhanced Move 1 (Ground Move 10); Feathers; Hidebound; Lifting ST +4; No Fine Manipulators; Peripheral Vision; Sharp Beak; Sharp Claws


Brawling-11; Survival (Jungle)-10.

Roosters add the Penetrating Voice Perk.


TKotBO might be picking up some divine allies soon. (They’re on the list of possibilities, anyway. I think we’re up to over 100 points in stuff on the wish list.) If so, one of the first is going to be a divine steed… in the form of a dire riding chicken. With healing powers, from what I understand. The gonzo, she be a-comin’. 😉

I’m not seeing the dire chicken as native to the Tembladera mountains, so much as the interior jungles. More than likely, somewhere out there, there’s a bunch of Stone Age cannibal elves riding dire chickens armed with swords made from obsidian flakes embedded in wooden clubs.