Lean Times In Tembladera

by mshrm

At the end of session #1, the “delving band with no name” ended up with $541* in cash from the sale of loot, plus $6000 in “goodwill” with the church, thanks to the return of the Golden Book. Split five ways, that’s $108 in coin, and a $1200 I.O.U., each.

The bad news is, the church doesn’t deal in large amounts of coin, so that goodwill is going to have to come out in the form of trade. I’ve ruled that the church can provide room and board, simple goods (robes and sandals, but not boots and definitely no armor), scrolls (divine magic only) and potions, and spells and enchantment. 

One thing to note is the gonzo nature of DF magic, which lets off-screen NPC clerics enchant items with no regard for the enchanting rules from GURPS Magic. In particular, clerics can bless weapons and armor with any enchantment. Lighten, in particular, has received some player attention.

Alric, the northern barbarian, has already declared his intention to camp outside the walls. It’s my understanding that the others will be hard-pressed to come up with the $150 in cash for a week at an inn, so I expect the others will be sleeping on straw tick mattresses and eating gruel with the monks. Somehow, I doubt this lives up to the dreams they all had when they got on the boat…


* All prices in GURPS dollars, of course. We’re using the suggested conversion from DF, where $1 equals 1 copper farthing.